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About WVP's Authors

Charles Pretlow: Charles Pretlow shares insights gained from years of study and ministry concerning false doctrines that keep Christians weak and confused. He continues to write and speak, helping the sincere Christian prepare for the coming dark times leading up to Christ's appearance. Pastor Pretlow has nearly three decades' experience in ministry, pastoral counseling and leadership training. He completed his basic Bible classes at Seattle Pacific College and finished his undergraduate work at Central Washington University. It was in 1973, while in the Marines, that he came to know Christ and then in 1974 started his ministerial work. In the ensuing years, he has seen much confusion within the body of Christ due to false doctrines leaving naive and wounded Christians bewildered and hopeless. In 1988 Charles answered the call to address these problems and started a counseling and mentoring ministry and in 1990 he founded a non-denominational home fellowship. He relies on his rounded knowledge and understanding of Scripture and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to accurately address the hidden issues that cause besetting symptoms that plague so many Christians today. His heart is for God's people to wake up before it's too late, in the hope that sincere Christians become prepared for the difficult times that lie ahead as we approach the end-of-this-age. He continues to minister, counsel, and is preparing to publish his next book, Midnight Cry Awakening.

Carly Poe: Carly has a background in education and curriculum development. She has an Associate of Arts Degree with an emphasis in education. She has written and developed curriculum in many different settings, including internationally. Carly spent 2 years working with Youth With A Mission, an interdenominational missions organization, in Central America, where she taught and helped develop curriculum in a local school. She also spent several years as a teacher here in the States, developing curriculum for many different age groups, ranging from preschool aged learners to students in high school. These experiences have taught her to lead by example and also how to oversee people of many different ages. Carly's passion is learning to embrace all that Christ taught and helping teach others to do the same.

Dr. Donald Bell: .Don served 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps where he retired as a major - however, he was also enlisted for six of those years. During his Marine Corps career he served two tours within the combat environment of Vietnam and was a small unit commander during his 2nd tour in 1969. He is the recipient of a number of medals including the Bronze Star and the Presidential Unit Citation. He was also the selected "honor man" in his class at Officer Candidate School at Quantico. Don's approach to addressing these end-time events is from a military perspective since much of who he is today is the result of his 20 years in the Marine Corps. The Lord has put a deep burden in his heart to arouse a remnant of Christian warriors to visualize their heritage and purpose in life. Don's passionate desire is to play a role in assisting the kingdom of God being manifested in glorious strength outside of the institutional churches and in the workplaces, neighborhoods, downtown areas, and individual homes where "real life" occurs. He also hopes to network with a band of brothers who have a similar vision for kingdom ministry. Following his "born again" experience outlined in chapter one of this book, Don felt called by the Lord to attend seminary where he received a Masters degree in Divinity (MDiv) and sometime later, a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) specializing in Strategic Leadership. Don's passion to see the glory of the Lord Jesus manifested in the workplace encouraged him through these studies while simultaneously

A voice crying in the wilderness -
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